Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 13 group

6. Group task: Explain your group RG setup.

The RG for our group begins with joeys circuit being triggered by the previous group dropping some object on a force sensing resistor which triggers a transistor to send voltage to a relay which switches channels and also remains on that channel. once the relay switches it sends signal to an XOR gate which at this point has an input of 1-0. The XOR now sends voltage to the op amp and then the  motor which pulls a cup which dumps marbles down the marble tower. once all the marbles reach the bottom they trigger another force sensing resistor which triggers a transistor that triggers a relay. the relay sends signal to the XOR gate which now has an input of 1-1. the XOR cuts voltage from the motor. Also the relay sends voltage to angels circuit. The voltage sent to angels circuit is amplified by an op amp which triggers a relay. from here the relay provides voltage to a motor which pulls a stopper from his ping pong tower and releases the ping pong ball to fall and be sent to the next group.

7. Group task: Video of a test run of your group RG.

Succesful combined attempt


  1. I know you tried so many times. Thank you.

  2. Do you guys know what you will be dropping on the sensor and how your going to control the fall? Our group was having some problems with force sensors not sensing there was something on it.